Filipe Sá-Soares

Department of Information Systems | School of Engineering | University of Minho

Filipe de Sá-Soares is Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems, School of Engineering, University of Minho (Portugal). He holds the Licenciatura degree in Systems Engineering and Informatics, Master in Informatics – Management Information Systems and Ph.D. in Engineering and Management of Information Systems. He has over 20 years of experience teaching information systems and technology courses. Besides his teaching responsibilities, Filipe de Sá-Soares consults regularly in public and private sectors in the areas of information systems security, auditing and management. His research interests focus on the security of information systems, auditing and evaluation of information systems, management of information systems and education on information systems and technology. He has been the instructor in charge of several undergraduate and graduate modules in Information Systems Security, Information Systems Auditing, Fundamentals of Information Systems and Computer Programming. Filipe de Sá-Soares is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Information System Security (JISSec). He develops his research activities in the Center ALGORITMI of University of Minho. He has been involved in the Organization Committee or Program Committee of several international conferences, such as the Annual Security Conference, the European Security Conference, The European Conference on Information Systems, the International Conference on Information Systems and the International Workshop on ICT for Auditing. Filipe de Sá-Soares is the ISACA Academic Advocate at University of Minho and member of APSI (Portuguese Association for Information Systems), AIS (Association for Information Systems), AIS-SIGSEC (AIS Special Interest Group on Network and Internet Security) and IFIP TC11-WG 11.1 (International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee 11 Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems, Working Group 11.1 Information Security Management). He is the recipient of several honors and awards, including Academic Merit Award, Industrial Association of Minho University Industry Award, Engineer António de Almeida Award, Guimarães Town Hall Award, Braga Civil Cabinet Award, University Senate Award, National Engineering Award, and Outstanding Paper Award at the IADIS International Conference on Information Systems 2014. Filipe de Sá-Soares has performed several university management roles, including Department Deputy-Director, Department Council Secretary, Coordinator of the Master Program in Information Systems, Member of the University Senate, Member of the Disciplinary Council of the University, and LLP/ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator.